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High Tops at the Outdoor Bar

Enjoy our year round outdoor bar! Beginning mid-October through April, enjoy the winter enclosure that helps keep temperatures moderate by breaking the windchill and retaining heat from our built-in heaters.


High Top Happy Hours: 20-30 standing room                                                                                                  

Two high tops flank either side of our outdoor bar and can be reserved for your next happy hour, birthday celebration, and so much more! For larger parties, we’ll stanchion off the reserved area to incorporate the portion of the bar closest to your two high top tables. This allows guests to order drinks directly through a bartender. Additional table space may be incorporated for preordered stationary bites.

Winter Bar Buyouts: 40-80 standing room

Reserve the fully enclosed outdoor bar for your larger gatherings and holiday parties! Bar service is available from all four sides of the bar as well as passed and stationary bites from our reception menu. Setup includes six high top tables and limited seating.