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A meeting of the waters – and the minds

 The Chesapeake Bay and New England waterways have historically proven to be prolific locations for some of the world’s finest oysters. By honoring these ecological sweet spots, we pay homage to an industry that has sustained generations of Americans – both culinarily and economically.

Dock to Dish

Putting supply and sustainability before demand

The Salt Line is pleased to partner with Dock to Dish, a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) program started in Montauk, Long Island. Dock to Dish uses the most traditional methods for harvesting wild seafood in the safest manner possible. Membership-based and supply-driven, Dock to Dish provides partners with the freshest fish and shellfish, allowing the catch to drive the menu, not the other way around. Best of all, this ‘impeccably fresh, source transparent seafood, caught with the consumer and planet in mind’ comes straight to The Salt Line – dock to dish – in 24 hours. 

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Old Line Fish Company

The Chesapeake Bay Region is home to some of the most abundant, delicious, and responsibly harvested seafood in the country. There are an estimated 17.9 million people who live in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, yet the vast majority don’t have easy access to or are unfamiliar with the varied species of fresh seafood the Bay and Maryland’s Atlantic Coast has to offer and with the storied seafood industry in Maryland as a whole. As a result of this disconnect, in 2015 The Oyster Recovery Partnership founded the Old Line Fish Company (OLFC) as a means to form the Chesapeake Bay region’s first Community Supported Fishery (CSF).

Over the last several years, The Oyster Recovery Partnership has been recycling shell through the Shell Recycling Alliance and talking to many of you in the region. We have seen a growing demand and need by our local community for not only locally sourced oysters but also for fresh seafood. By forming the OLFC, we see this as an opportunity to address not only the demand for fresh seafood but also an opportunity to support our local watermen by assisting them in bringing their local catch to market and in the process help them get more for their seafood.

We are proud to join the growing nationwide network of Community Supported Fisheries and Small scale harvesters who are committed to providing local, healthy, low-impact seafood to support and promote healthy fisheries and the communities that depend on them.

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The Oyster Recovery Partnership

Natural oyster shell is the best material on which to raise new oysters and restore oyster reefs. Scientists know that now, but for generations, discarded oyster shells were used to build roads, driveways and housing construction. Some ended up in landfills. The Oyster Recovery Partnership developed the Shell Recycling Alliance (SRA), to save this extremely limited natural resource. Every half shell collected by the SRA creates a new home for approximately ten baby oysters. The Salt Line is a proud partner in this important recycling project.

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Buttercream Bakeshop

Owning a shop known for quality, excellence and small batch baking has been a career-long dream for Pastry Chef Tiffany MacIsaac. A place where imagination and technique combine to create desserts that are delicious and inspired. As luck would have it, Tiffany met Alexandra Mudry-Till, an immensely talented cake decorator and macaron magician, with the same commitment to quality.  But they needed to fill one more important piece of the puzzle.  Enter GM Colleen Gillespie, a lover of exceptional customer service and sweets.  Tiffany decided that she had the perfect team to make the dream a reality.

So, with these principles in mind, Buttercream Bakeshop was born: Scratch-baked cakes, cookies and confections beyond your wildest dreams.  Whether it’s a baby shower, birthday cake for someone age 1 or 100, or a spectacular wedding, nothing will cap off the occasion as sweetly as a cake or pastry from Buttercream Bakeshop. 

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DC Brau

Not too long ago, our nation’s capital was a world-class beer town without a brewery to call its own. Since Christian Heurich had closed the doors to his brewery in the 1950s, Washington DC had no brewery whose products were available in local stores and on tap outside its site of production. There were brewpubs, yes, but no breweries. Enter Brandon Skall & Jeff Hancock.

Starting in 2009, the duo went about filling the glaring void in the local beer market. Two years later, on Tax Day 2011, DC Brau Brewing Company officially tapped its first keg of beer entirely brewed, packaged and sold within the District of Columbia. Since then, the brewery has crafted award-winning beer — utilizing a delicious and uniquely American blend of North American and European techniques and ingredients — with distribution throughout the greater National Capital Region, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and beyond.

We have partnered with DC Brau to produce our very own "Sea You at The Bottom" Farmhouse Oyster Ale. Our ale features citrus and balanced notes with a distinct hint of salinity, and is brewed with Skipjack oysters straight from the Chesapeake. Only available at The Salt Line!

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Ice Cream Jubilee

Hi, I’m Victoria! I love ice cream because each of us has a wonderful, happy memory about it.  To me, ice cream is how I celebrate love and togetherness. As a young girl, my dad often had to miss our family dinners to work extra hours.  But as my sister and I were getting ready for bed, Dad would arrive home and call to us from downstairs, “I’m home! Who wants ice cream?” and we would race down to jump on him with hugs and choose our flavors for the night.  Ice cream continues to be the perfect excuse to celebrate and create happy moments with family and friends.  Ice Cream Jubilee is my way to bring joy to others through imaginative flavors and irrepressible smiles.

I started making ice cream in my apartment kitchen in 2009. Tapping into my creativity to invent flavors made me so happy that I took a vacation from my corporate law career to apprentice at a pie shop in Brooklyn called Four and Twenty Blackbirds.  Kneading pie crusts by hand and being immersed in a flavorful world where people made careers of their passions recharged me, and I decided to deliberately add passion, creativity, color, and flavors to every aspect of my life. I moved to Washington, D.C. a few months later to accept my dream job working as a presidential appointee at the Department of Homeland Security.  Despite the long hours, I dedicated my nights and weekends to my love for inventing ice cream flavors.  I hosted tasting sessions at my apartment and in my friends’ homes, not knowing exactly what I was building momentum toward. In 2013, I attended the famous Penn State University ice cream seminar, graduating as class president, and began recruiting friends to make ice cream with me on Thursday nights.  I started selling twelve flavors in grocery stores and restaurants, and that July Ice Cream Jubilee was voted People’s Choice for Best Ice Cream at the DC Scoop competition.

I started Ice Cream Jubilee to share my passion with others and encourage people to explore the pursuits that make them as happy as ice cream makes me.  I have learned so much from our team and our constant pursuit to make the best ice cream.  I’m thrilled and endlessly thankful that Ice Cream Jubilee has grown so much in such a short time. What makes me most proud is sharing my business with my parents and friends, and making new friends over ice cream.  I hope that my flavors give you a reason to smile and jump for joy!

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Harris Creek Oyster Company

a man is cutting into a body of water

Harris Creek Oyster Co. is 100% family owned, funded and operated oyster farm located between St. Michaels and Tilghman Island, Maryland. Built on nearly 13 generations of family history farming and fishing on Maryland's Eastern Shore, Harris Creek produces one of our favorite Chesapeake oysters. 

Harris Creek has been a partner since The Salt Line opening - and has been hand delivering oysters weekly ever since. The Salt Line is the only place in D.C. where you'll find their oysters on a menu. 

You might also meet Harris Creek's owner-farmer Alex Johnston and his wife Rachel at the restaurant for events like our annual Oyster Wars or leading a shucking class. 

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